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Die Lampe leuchtet
December 6, 2020
The world has turned upside down.
I felt like the ceiling was about to fall on my head. The four walls seemed to come closer and closer. Although I had decided to give up motorcycling for the moment, I had to get out. The weather is playing along. For the first time this year the beads of sweat are flowing down my face. I sit down on my Honda CG125, born 1981, the small single cylinder four stroke with lots of charm. More than 10 years older than I am. I wonder what it has experienced. The sun on my face feels good, warm air flows through my jacket. The camera in my backpack ready, the spot for a spontaneous shooting I already have in my head. The remaining are pictures. Enjoy.
April 6, 2020
Sechs Könige gründen ein Reich
Adliswheels die Garage.
January 12, 2020
Winner of Photocontest
Unser erster Foto Kontest! Wir freuen uns, trotz unseres jungen Bestehens, so viele Bilder erhalten zu haben! Der Gewinner unseres Wettbewerbs ist:
May 6, 2020
Ready to race
„Ray Pickrell, 750 Dunstall, won and Croxford on his Kuhn-Seeley came second in both. Final result was Pickrell, Croxford, Chandler, Butcher, Hunter and Ashwood.“ - Colin Seeley
May 10, 2020

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